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Signature Donair

East Coast Donair Perogy Promotional Picture

East Coast Donair Perogy

• PD Beef Donair
• Minced Onions
• Wrapped in a Perogy Shell
• Deep Fried until Golden Brown
• Served with Tomato Slices
• And PD Sweet Sauce

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Platters and Salads

Our PD Rice is sooo good, and that's no accident. Using a secret family recipe of herbs & spices, we serve the best tasting, most fluffy rice you've ever experienced, ever
Our Chicken is 100% real, and it's marinated in a secret blend of herbs & spices using an old family recipe that has to be tasted to be believed ... really though ... it's that good

Signature Bowls

Do you believe in Fresh Veggies? 'Cause we sure do! Our veggie selection is made fresh every day, using only the finest quality produce, right down to the lettuce (unlike other 'fresh food' places)

Poutine and Fries

Do you love the taste of Naan Bread? Us too! This traditional Indian Bread is deliciously satisfying, making our Naan-based items a melt-in-your-mouth experience

Kids Menu

Wings Menu

Prairie Bites

Fruit Infusions

Delicious flavours made from organic ingredients to quench your thirst!

Did you know our Garlic Mayo, Sweet Sauce, and Tzatziki are all custom PD creations? We've spent years creating the perfect blends, and if those aren't tickling your fancy, we've got 22 sauces to choose from, and 22 toppings as well. Bottom Line? Prairie Donair has what you crave!!
At Prairie Donair, we serve Delicious Tasty Goodness using Healthy Wholesome Ingredients. If that sounds good to you, give us a try ... you'll be glad you did!